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Flexible, user-friendly Facebook marketing automation solution

Generate quality B2B and B2C leads, set sensors to monitor your pages, send ads to your page fans, publish unlimited ads on groups, pages and profiles, track post publishing campaigns, publish ad comments, boost your pages and do many more. Facebook marketing automation is made easy with FoxMaster Suite.

Packed Full of Features

  • Post Replicator

    Fetch Facebook posts from other pages, groups and profiles and, re-publish it on your own accounts.

  • Conversation Manager

    Manage and track your page conversations. Search, filter and organize your page inbox.

  • Advanced Post Publisher

    Publish different type of posts such as text, photos and videos on pages, groups and profiles.

  • Engager

    Auto comment and react on latest posts published on pages, groups and profiles.

  • Page Booster

    Boost your pages by sending likes & shares using multiple Facebook accounts.

  • Accounts Manager

    Add and manage unlimited Faceebok accounts.

  • Comments Manager

    Create comment templates and use it in other tools.

  • Auto Responder

    Set multiple sensors to monitor and analyze your pages inbox and posts activity.

  • Bulk Message Sender

    Send text and photo messages to your page fans.

  • Advanced Post Scheduler

    Schedule multi-post publishing tasks for pages, groups and profiles.

  • Lead Generation Tools

    Flexible and unique lead generation tools. Generate quality B2B and B2C leads from multiple pages and groups.

  • Groups Tools

    Join or UnJoin multiple accounts to a list of Facebook groups. Flexible options and fair task distribution among accounts.

  • Posts Manager

    Create post templates and use it in other tools.

  • Content Filter Manager

    Create complex post and message filers and use it in other tools like Post Replicator, Responder and Engager.

I manage a Facebook business pages with more than 85 million fans. I was spending hours everyday on doing routine tasks, scheduling posts, reading and responding to fans messages and comments. I was looking for a solution that automate thais boring stuff for me. I ended up with using FoxMaster Suite, Everything now is automated, I do not need to read unimportant comments or messages, FoxMaster is smart enough to find the valuable comments and messages and interact with them. FoxMaster is a part of my essential marketing tool kit.

Ghaith Amjad Ghaith Amjad
Digital Marketing Specialist

Set Sensors to Monitor Your Pages Inbox and Posts

The Responder system provides features for creating multiple sensors to monitor your page inbox and posts. You can easily create a sensors to respond to incoming messages based on pre-defined rules, auto like, reply and respond privately to fan comments.


Looking for Quality Leads?

Facebook is a gold mine when it comes to generating quality leads. With FoxMaster lead tools you can easily generate B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) quality leads from groups and pages.


Advanced Post Publisher

Publish unlimited posts on pages, groups and profiles. Post Publisher has a wide range of features such as Spintax and Dynamic Variables support, multiple accounts support, campaigns management and report generation. Post Publisher is smart, the fair task distribution algorithm will make sure that the publishing tasks distributed fairly among publishers accounts. Going viral is made easy with FoxMaster tools.


The software is very fast, and full of fea­tures. I use FoxMaster to generate sales leads, publishing ad posts and comments and monitoring my page inbox.  I love FoxMaster not only for it's features but for the support they have provided.

Hala Amer Hala Amer
Social Media Specialist

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Your purchase of FoxMaster Suite Software is backed by our 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase of our solution, we will gladly issue a full refund.

Before I use FoxMaster, I was doing everything manually from mining for viral posts, scheduling posts on my 85+ Facebook pages and organizing  my page private conversations. Now with a few clicks, I can do all of that. The software just does exactly what I want.

Hussam Mostafa Hussam Mostafa
Digital Marketing Trainer

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